In a powerful and timely series, the presenter Ffion Dafis visits 6 of the world’s most iconic walls in the United States and Mexico, Israel and Palestine, Korea, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Berlin. She travels to the heart of communities that live in the shadow of the wall, meets those who can’t live without walls, and those who fight to tear them down. Ffion discovers why these walls were built, and what happens when they are demolished. During the emotional journey, Ffion will meet people whose lives have been completely transformed by the wall. People who are separated from families and loved ones, people who are trying to live with the emotional and mental scars left behind by these walls.

This is a series about hope and unity in the face of division, about the triumph of the human spirit in spite of separation.

Y Wal (The Wall)

Sunday, November 18, 20.00 S4C

6 x 60″