Casting call out – Y PUMP

We are looking for talented performers, with a playing age of 16,  for the development of Y Pump, a bold new Welsh-language drama made with teenagers, for teenagers.  

Please note that this call-out is for the development and workshopping of Y Pump, supported by the British Film Institute, and not for filming the TV series itself.

We welcome all talent and particularly encourage applications by young performers from under-represented backgrounds. 

The Series

Y Pump is a Welsh-language young adult drama based on the multi-award-winning book series. Set in north Wales, it follows the lives of a group of friends over the course of a school year. Guided by the unique perspectives of Tim, Tami, Aniq, Robyn and Cat, the series will be a fresh look at the realities of being a marginalised young person in Wales today.  Y Pump explores themes of trans identity, Muslim life in Wales, illness, race, disability and sexuality. Find out more about the series from one of our writers here!

The 5 Roles

Tim is a sixteen-year-old living with autism. He’s candid, open-hearted and sensitive, and he often reacts instinctively. He gets overwhelmed when things change but finds comfort in seeing the world through colours. He comes from a middle-class background, and lives with his Mam, Dad and beloved dog, Rex.


Tami is sixteen-years old and identifies with the term ‘disabled’. She’s sharp, witty and wise, and will tell it how it is. She’s the one who struggles most at validating her place within Y Pump and she finds connections that relate to, and result from, her experience of disability through her use of social media. She lives with her Mam, stepdad and her stepbrother. She is bisexual.


Aniq is a sixteen-year-old with South Asian heritage and a practicing Muslim. Aniq is warm, compassionate, sensitive and will stand up for herself. She finds comfort in drawing. She and her brother have been caring for their father since the loss of their mother.


Robyn is a trans female sixteen-year-old from a family for whom money is tight. Robyn is a dreamer, ambitious and protective of those close to her. She is the glue that keeps Y Pump together.

Cat is a mixed-race sixteen-year-old, living with a chronic illness. She’s fierce, confident and sometimes reckless. She’s the joker of the group, finding an escape through humour. She comes from a family who struggle with the cost of living.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for applications from performers who can relate to the lived experiences of our characters. We are actively seeking applications from young people currently underrepresented across our TV screens, particularly ethnically diverse people and people with disabilities, as defined by the Equality Act of 2010. It is very important that we collaborate with young people who connect with the themes of Y Pump as we are looking to develop the series according to the young peoples’ perspectives. We are also keen to hear from young people from or based in North Wales as this is where the series is set.

Important dates

Deadline for self-tape submission: 9AM, Tuesday 2nd January

Workshop date: Saturday 14th January 2023 or Saturday 21st January 2023

Workshop location: One of Rondo’s Studios in North Wales

Access and inclusion

We will fully support the additional needs of anyone who applies for a role. If you have any questions or would like an informal chat about this, get in touch with Annes Wyn Williams at Rondo:

How to apply

Please contact Annes Wyn Williams at Rondo, for an application form. The form will ask you to tell us which of the characters you relate to and why you think you’re the right fit for this opportunity. On receipt of your application, we will send you the audition piece for your character which you can then self tape for. Any audition tapes made by persons under 18 years of age must be submitted by a parent or guardian.

Use of audition tapes

  • The only ones with access to the audition tapes will be the Creative Lead, the Casting Producer and Rondo’s Producers.
  • The producers will use the audition tapes for the purpose of performance assessments only.
  • The audition tapes will not be used for any other purpose, and we will be deleting them after we complete the casting process. We will not be broadcasting, publishing or placing the audition tapes that you send us on websites.